Chemfort® Vial Adaptor

Chemfort® provides a new level of performance with no known incompatabilities with hazardous drug solvents, enhanced design and usability, and upgraded materials. Chemfort® makes drug preparation and compounding simple and straightforward, and is designed to be intuitive.

Chemfort®’s range of Vial Adaptors firmly connect to standard vials and are PVC-Free.

Available in 20 mm (+13 mm convertor), 28 mm or 32 mm, the Vial Adaptors match all standard vial dimensions.
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To enable drug transfer in a closed system, the Chemfort® Vial Adaptor is mounted on the drug vial.

Once the Vial Adaptor has been mounted, the Chemfort® Syringe Adaptor / Chemfort® Syringe Adaptor Lock allows safe drug transfer from the vial to the syringe, and then to another container (e.g. an infusion bag, a semi-rigid bottle, an elastomeric pump or a medication cassette reservoir for an ambulatory infusion pump).

This is enabled by a linear connection to the Vial Adaptor. The audible click sound indicates a safe connection. The Chemfort® septa can be pierced up to 10 times, preventing drug leakage and contamination. The Chemfort® Vial Adaptor’s protective cap further enables safe and sterile vial storage.
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Toxi-Guard® Built-in Technology for Drug Sterility and Stability

Chemfort®’s Toxi-Guard® air-cleaning mechanism is part of the Vial Adaptor. Toxi-Guard® prevents the escape of hazardous drug vapors, aerosols and liquids from the drug vial. It also serves as an effective sterile barrier which prevents contaminants from entering the vial. 
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The Toxi-Guard® mechanism enables automatic pressure equalization without the requirement for priming.

As a result, Chemfort®’s Toxi-Guard® technology ensures drug sterility and stability. Toxi-Guard®’s 0.2 micron hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane allows sterile air exchange, and is works together with a 100% activated charcoal drug adsorbing matrix to prevent external contamination of the environment with cytotoxic and other hazardous drugs. Learn more.
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Keeps Healthcare Professionals Safe

Chemfort®’s Vial Adaptors are part of a full portfolio of products for any handling protocol. Preparation, reconstitution and transfer of any drug form to the Syringe Adaptor or Syringe Adaptor Lock is done safely and efficiently with Chemfort®’s Vial Adaptors.
Chemfort® keeps you safe at every stage from preparation to administration. Simplivia. When healthcare and simplicity click.