Chemfort® Toxi-Guard®

How do you know you can trust your CSTD?
Wouldn’t you like to know that you’re safe at work?
How does Simplivia's Chemfort® keep you safe?
Our innovative, vial-to-vein Chemfort® family means simple and quick handling of your CSTD. It means you don’t need extra steps, and that you’re safe without needing to think and calculate the amount of air you need, or which Vial Adaptor or Syringe Adaptor volume to choose.

The effectiveness of our patented Toxi-Guard® technology is supported by 15 years of excellent science, and peer-reviewed studies.
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Toxi-Guard® is the heart of the new Chemfort® CSTD.

Located in the Vial Adaptor, Toxi-Guard® prevents the escape of cytotoxic and other hazardous drug vapors, aerosols and droplets into the environment during drug reconstitution, and prevents airborne contaminants and particles from entering the drug or fluid path. It automatically equalizes the air pressure, thus allowing time-saving and simple use when compounding.
Toxi-Guard® comprises a 100% activated carbon drug binding matrix and a 0.2 μm hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane. This allows the Chemfort® air pathway to let only sterile air inside the vial during drug reconstitution and preparation
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How Does Charcoal Keep You Safe?

Charcoal has been used in the industry for dozens of years to absorb hazardous substances and molecules. The way it works is that activated charcoal adsorbs aerosols and drug vapors with high efficiency. The charcoal works in combination with the 0.2 μm hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane. The membrane ensures that the vial is kept sterile by preventing microorganisms and particles from entering from the surrounding environment. It also prevents liquids from the vial from escaping to the outside.

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Adapts to all Drug Vials

 The Chemfort® Vial Adaptor enables reconstitution, preparation and transfer of any drug form to the Syringe Adaptor or to the Syringe Adaptor Lock. The Chemfort® Vial Adaptor is part of a complete portfolio of products for any handling protocol. Chemfort® keeps you safe at every stage from preparation to administration. Simplivia. When healthcare and simplicity click.