Chemfort® Bag Adaptor SP

Chemfort® provides a new level of performance with no known incompatabilities with hazardous drug solvents, enhanced design and usability, and upgraded materials.

The Chemfort® Bag Adaptor SP connects to IV bags and other containers with a proximal spike connector, turning them into closed connections.
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The Bag Adaptor SP does not require priming and its tail is opaque, enabling visual confirmation when spiking an IV set. In addition, the Bag Adaptor SP does not have a twist-off spike port or a pinch clamp, which requires fewer handling steps.

The Bag Adaptor SP enables simple dilution of the drug, and a safe drug transfer from a syringe to the IV container simply by clicking a Syringe Adaptor (SA) / Syringe Adaptor Lock (SAL) to the Bag Adaptor SP’s side port. The Chemfort® septa can be pierced up to 10 times, preventing drug leakage and contamination
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Simple Dilution and Withdrawal During Compounding

Chemfort®’s Bag Adaptor SP’s enhanced design ensures ease of use, and matches all commonly available bottle or bag types. The Bag Adaptor SP can be used to spike any standard IV container. The side port can then be used to add drugs safely. To administer, connect an administration set to the end of the Bag Adaptor SP.

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Matches Standard IV Bags

The Chemfort® Bag Adaptor SP is a secondary set that matches all handling protocols.
Other options for drug transfer from Chemfort® include the Bag Adaptor LL, IV Safety Set and the IV Safety Set 0.2 Micron Membrane. Chemfort® keeps you safe at every stage from preparation to administration. Simplivia. When healthcare and simpliciaty click.