Simplivia Launches SmartCompounders at EAHP 2024

Simplivia was exicted to attended the recent 28th EAHP Congress in Bordeaux, France. At EAHP, Simplivia launched the innovative SmartCompounders chemo automation solution empowered by the leading Chemfort® Closed System Drug-Transfer Device (CSTD).
March 24, 2024

Automated Drug Compounding Made Smarter

At EAHP, Simplivia introduced SmartCompounders, the smartest robotic chemo-automation system today. SmartCompounders is the smart choice for a precise, practical, fast and economical robotic drug compounding solution. It gives pharmacists and technicians the tools to make the compunding process shorter, more reliable and eliminates errors in medication identification and dosage quantity.

In addition, SmartCompounders provides safety and peace of mind for healthcare workers by reducing the risks of hazardous drug exposure. SmartCompounders now joins Simplivia's portfolio of innovative, advanced and brilliantly simple vial-to-vein drug delivery solutions.

    The Smartest Robotic Chemo-Automation System Today

    At EAHP, we learned, listened and shared our knowledge and latest innovations for hospital pharmacists. We demonstrated how the cutting-edge SmartCompounders system, empowered by our leading Chemfort® Closed System Drug-Transfer Device, enables practical, fast and economical workflows.
    The use of the Chemfort® CSTD means that the highest standards are maintained in preventing occupational exposure to hazardous drug. SmartCompounders not only ensures drug sterility but also total peace of mind for healthcare professionals.

      Smart Versatility, Technology, Safety and Protection

      SmartCompounders offers a modular plug & play solution tailored to your needs. Its throughput for its compact size is unmatched, and its protection for pharmacy professionals against hazardous drug exposures is unrivaled. Space-saving, cost-saving, time-saving, and life-saving, SmartCompounders revolutionizes the compounding process end-to-end.

        Solutions That Provide Safety and Confidence

        In addition to SmartCompounders, Simplivia's Chemfort® Closed System Drug-Transfer Device (CSTD) and Closed Administration product families offer a full portfolio for any drug handling protocol. Simplivia’s leading drug-delivery solutions protect pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians and other healthcare professionals from exposure to antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs.
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