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Drug-delivery Solutions That Provide Safety and Confidence

Simplivia is a global leader in the design and manufacture of drug-delivery solutions. Our everyday mission is to provide safety and peace of mind for healthcare workers by reducing the risks of hazardous drug exposure through innovative, advanced, automated and brilliantly simple vial-to-vein drug delivery solutions. Our cutting-edge products keep healthcare professionals safe when handling hazardous drugs.

    Scientifically Validated Performance

    Simplivia’s focus is on next-generation approaches to healthcare. Our Closed System Drug-Transfer Devices meet the NIOSH definition for CSTDs, and our products deliver safety and confidence for any drug protocol. Simplivia’s Chemfort® product family offers scientifically validated performance that protects pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians and other healthcare professionals from exposure to antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs, including biologics such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

      Global Leader with 20 Years of Market Presence

      With over 20 years of market presence, Simplivia operates in more than 33 countries and is rapidly expanding into new markets. Simplivia offers a broad, innovative product pipeline of FDA and CE approved drug delivery solutions. What we do makes a difference.

        A Complete Vial-to-Vein Solution for Any Handling Protocol

        Pharmacists are exposed to hazardous drugs every day during drug preparation and compounding.
        This contamination can cause serious health risks. To protect them, you need a safe and closed solution.

        Chemfort® is a closed system drug-transfer device (CSTD) that has been scientifically proven to keep healthcare professionals safe when handling hazardous drugs. Chemfort® includes a complete vial-to-vein portfolio of products for any handling protocol.

        Chemfort® has been tested using the NIOSH protocol with real cytotoxic drugs for vapor containment and found compatible with all known hazardous drugs. The product family is FDA cleared under the ONB product code and CE-approved.

          Toxi-Guard Patented Air-Cleaning Technology – A Cutting Edge Solution

          Chemfort® is empowered by the patented Toxi-Guard® technology, a unique closed air-cleaning technology that has been developed through years of advanced research. Toxi-Guard® meets the highest standards of safety and protection for healthcare professionals and is a significant differentiating factor. Our technology has been proven effective in a wide range of studies, including with real chemotherapy drugs, and was chosen again and again as the most user-friendly system.

          Simplivia's products are used by over 3000 customers worldwide.
          Hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals use Chemfort® products every day

            Chemfort® Closed Administration – A Unique and Safe Product Line for Nurses and Their Patients

            When administering hazardous drugs, nurses need to protect themselves. Simplivia has perfected its Chemfort® preparation and compounding portfolio and designed a unique product line for nurses.

            Chemfort® Closed Administration ensures a safe, closed connection that reduces the risk of dangerous exposure. The closed administration product line ensures complete integration with nursing workflows and drug protocols.

            Chemfort® Closed Administration is the most advanced, full vial-to-vein solution. Brilliantly simple and cost-effective, Chemfort® is designed to be intuitive and requires minimal training. Chemfort® Closed Administration is universal and connects to fit any protocol.

              Preparation and Administration Solutions for Safety in the Veterinary Workplace

              Veterinarians routinely face the risk of direct exposure to hazardous drugs. This can occur while treating house pets or large animals with veterinary pharmaceuticals such as antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs.

              Exposure can occur during all stages of treatment from compounding to administering and disposing of drug residue. Exposure to antineoplastic drugs poses a health risk to veterinarians, clinic staff and animal owners

              Chemfort® CSTD provides safety by minimizing exposure of veterinarians, clinic staff and animal owners to hazardous drugs

              To ensure safe practice and reduce exposure, guidelines by professional associations including the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommend using CSTDs like Chemfort® in combination with personal protective equipment (PPE) and implementing best practices. Chemfort® provides safety by minimizing exposure to hazardous substances, including fluids, aerosols and vapors, while maintaining drug sterility.

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                Simplivia is a fast-growing leader and manufacturer of solutions that keep healthcare professionals safe while handling hazardous drugs. Quality and simplicity are our leading values, and we are dedicated to delivering innovative, unique, high-quality products. Our cost-effective products are scientifically validated and FDA and CE approved.

                Simplivia has a worldwide distribution presence for our strong product lines. Simplivia works with distributors in over 33 countries worldwide. In addition to our leading product portfolio, we provide complete support for marketing, sales, customer support, clinical resources and educational materials.

                Your Journey with Simplivia
                Simplivia is your partner in growing your business. We are committed to delivering unmatched quality and service to our partners and distributors. Contact us today to find out more about Simplivia's brilliantly simple drug delivery solutions.