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Chemfort™ provides unmatched safety and is brilliantly simple. Scientifically proven to protect healthcare professionals who work with hazardous drugs, Chemfort™ also extends drug stability and sterility. Learn everything you need to know about Chemfort™ in the publications and brochures below. Our studies are peer reviewed and acknowledged in leading journals and conferences.

Integrity Performance Assessment of a Closed System Transfer Device Syringe Adaptor as a Terminal Closure for Luer-Lock Syringes

Kate E Walker, Romana Machníková, Laima Ozolina, Alan-Shaun Wilkinson, Andrew J Johnson,  Navneet Bhogal, Kate Pegg
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Safe Administration of Hazardous Drugs - Novel Approaches

The Chemfort™ Closed Administration Drug-Transfer system has been proven to provide protection against the escape of hazardous aerosols and...
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Validation of Chemotherapy Drug Vapor Containment of an Air Cleaning Closed-System Drug Transfer Device

Galit Levin and Paul J. M. Sessink
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Comparative Study of the Different Closed System Transfer Devices Available in France for the Preparation of Injectable Immunotherapies

Victorine Albaut, Morgane Brobst, François Colliat, Dominique Castel
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Chemfort™ Product Catalogue

Offering a complete portfolio of products to fit any handling protocol, Chemfort™ keeps you safe at all stages from preparation to administr...
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CSTD Based on Air Filtration - Drug Vapour Challenge Poster

Galit Levin, Ofer Raz, Simplivia Healthcare Ltd., Eli Horovitz, Kiryat Shmona, Israel.
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Chemfort™ Compatibility With All Known Hazardous Drugs

The Chemfort™ system is used to ensure safety and sterility during preparation and handling of hazardous drugs. The plastics that comprise t...
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Chemfort™ Toxi-Guard®

The Toxi-Guard® system ensures that the Chemfort™ air pathway only allows particulate and bacteria-free air to enter the drug vial during dr...
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