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Chemfort™ provides unmatched safety and is brilliantly simple. Scientifically proven to protect healthcare professionals who work with hazardous drugs, Chemfort™ also extends drug stability and sterility. Learn everything you need to know about Chemfort™ in the publications and brochures below. Our studies are peer reviewed and acknowledged in leading journals and conferences.

Chemfort® Protects Against Bacterial Contamination for 7 Days

The study confirms Chemfort®’s ability to maintain microbiological integrity even under highly challenging conditions for the 7 day test per...
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Chemfort™ Evaluation of Dry Connections - A Quantitative Approach

It can be concluded that no drug leakage is expected from the Chemfort™ elastomer following twelve connections and disconnections.
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Toxi-Guard® Protection Against Virus Penetration into Drug Vials

Both protective layers of the Toxi-Guard® air cleaning system are active against airborne viruses, and prevent the risk of virus penetration...
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Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor Sterile Replacement Cap

The Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor Sterile cap is a PVC-free component and fits Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor and Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor Lock Elas...
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Chemfort™ Syringe Integrity

Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor Lock - Perfect alignment with commercial luer lock syringes.
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Minimising Waste in Oncology

Maria Nazaré Rosado, Ana Patrícia Gomes, Ana Rita Lemos, Andreia Colaço, Humberto Melo, Miguel Pimenta, Miriam Capoulas, Cláudia Santos
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Integrity Performance Assessment of a Closed System Transfer Device Syringe Adaptor as a Terminal Closure for Luer-Lock Syringes

Kate E Walker, Romana Machníková, Laima Ozolina, Alan-Shaun Wilkinson, Andrew J Johnson,  Navneet Bhogal, Kate Pegg
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Safe Administration of Hazardous Drugs - Novel Approaches

The Chemfort™ Closed Administration Drug-Transfer system has been proven to provide protection against the escape of hazardous aerosols and...
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