Chemfort™ Closed Secondary IV Set

The Closed Secondary IV Set is connected to the Bag Adaptor CP, which is firmly connected to a standard IV bag or semi-rigid container.

Its unique design presents a Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor (SA) component that connects to the Bag Adaptor CP allowing a safe drug transfer through a closed connection between Chemfort™ components.
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It incorporates an internal 16G needle that allows easy withdrawal of drugs, including viscous ones. The needle has a self-retracting mechanism that protects the operator from needle-stick injuries.

During manipulation, simply click for a safe and secure connection between two Chemfort™ components. The Chemfort™ Closed Secondary IV Set is PVC-free.

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Guidelines for Nurse Safety

Increasingly, regulations designed to protect the safety of nurses, such as USP<800>, require the use of CSTDs when handling cytotoxic and other hazardous drugs. Chemfort™ closed administration sets ensure that nurses can work safely with these drugs while protecting themselves and their patients.

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