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Hazardous Drugs in Your Veterinary Practice - Simple and Safe Solutions

Veterinarians routinely face the risk of direct exposure to hazardous drugs. This can occur when treating house pets or large animals with veterinary pharmaceuticals, including antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs. Exposure can occur at all stages of treatment from compounding to administration as well as disposing of drug residue. Chemfort® CSTD products provide safety by minimizing the exposure of veterinarians, veterinary staff, and animal owners to hazardous drugs.
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June 27, 2023

Common Questions About Safe Handling with CSTDs

Healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, oncology nurses and veterinarians need to protect themselves when they work or come into contact with hazardous drugs. Closed-system drug-transfer devices (CSTDs) help healthcare professional reduce the risk of this occupational exposure. Working with a CSTD requires medical professionals to understand how these innovative systems works. Consider some common questions about CSTDs.
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April 15, 2023

Lean Management Principles For Hospital Administrators: How They Apply to CSTD Use

Hospital administrators have a key role in overseeing the organizational side of hospitals and medical facilities. Hospital administrators must ensure that their facility is using the most efficient and effective practices to provide optimal healthcare. Lean management principles are five steps that hospital administrators can use to improve workplace efficiency. These steps create a framework for efficient workflow.
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November 06, 2022

Giving Hazardous Drugs Puts Nurses at High Risk - Here's How To Fix It

Hazardous drug exposure can cause dire health effects for nurses and other healthcare workers—including fertility problems, miscarriages, and cancer. Research shows that in Europe and in the US, exposure to toxic drugs happens to more than 20 million healthcare workers every year, and over 7 million of them are nurses. Fortunately, closed administration systems provide an effective solution to the risks nurses face every day.
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July 06, 2022

Common Questions Nurses Have About CSTD Use

For nurses and other healthcare professionals, the risk of exposure to hazardous drugs is genuine. About 8 million healthcare workers in the US alone are routinely exposed to cytotoxic drugs in the workplace. This exposure carries many potential health risks ranging from skin rashes to cancer. Closed system drug-transfer devices (CSTDs) are a key measure that helps protect nurses and other healthcare professionals at risk of hazardous drug exposure. Consider these common questions asked by nurses regarding CSTD use.
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December 01, 2021
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