Chemfort® Closed Y Inline Set

The Closed Y Inline Set is a secondary set that firmly connects between a standard IV bag or semi-rigid container and any IV administration set (gravity or pump).

The Closed Y Inline Set has two connections: a spike connection to an IV bag or semi-rigid container containing saline and a Chemfort® Syringe Adaptor (SA) component that connects to the Bag Adaptor CP.
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Each connection has an individual roller clamp color to indicate the fluid path. The white roller clamp is for saline and the purple roller clamp is for the drug.

During manipulation, simply click for a safe and secure connection between two Chemfort® components. The Chemfort® Closed Y Inline Set is PVC DEHP free.
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Keeping the Healthcare Workplace Safe for Nurses and Patients

Repeated administration of antineoplastic drugs in wards leaves traces of contamination on a wide range of surfaces. Exposure to this drug residue can harm nurses, patients, and the environment. A key preventative measure to eliminate the release of these drugs into the environment is the use of Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) in hospital wards. This ensures personal safety for nurses and enables them to provide patient care with safety and confidence for themselves and their patients.

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