Chemfort® Closed Adaptor SP

The Closed Adaptor SP is connected to the Bag Adaptor CP, which is firmly connected to a standard IV bag or semi-rigid container.

It incorporates an internal 16G needle that allows easy withdrawal of drugs, including viscous ones. The needle has a self-retracting mechanism that protects the operator from needle-stick injuries, ensuring personal safety for nurses and other medical staff.
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It allows connection to IV administration sets (gravity or pump) through the spike port. The transparent spike port access point enables the user to ensure that the primary set IV spike is inserted correctly into the spike port, thus eliminating the danger of leakage, disconnection and/or exposure to hazardous drugs.

During manipulation, simply click for a safe and secure connection between two Chemfort® components. The Chemfort® Closed Adaptor SP is PVC-free.
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CSTDs Keep Nurses Safe

Professional associations such as the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) recommend the use of CSTDs which provide nurses with the best possible protection when handling hazardous drugs. The use of CSTDs such as Chemfort® and products like the Closed Adaptor SP can help reduce negative health effects from long term exposure to hazardous drugs in the healthcare environment.

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