Chemfort® Syringe Adaptor & Syringe Adaptor Lock

Chemfort® provides a new level of performance with no known incompatabilities with hazardous drug solvents, enhanced design and usability, and upgraded materials. Chemfort™ makes drug preparation and compounding simple and straightforward and is designed to be intuitive. The Syringe Adaptor (SA) and Syringe Adaptor Lock (SAL) click to any of the other Chemfort® components to allow safe transfer of liquid from one container to another. The Chemfort® septa can be pierced up to 10 times, preventing drug leakage and contamination.


Chemfort® Syringe Adaptor - Video ǀ Specifications

Chemfort® Syringe Adaptor Lock - Video ǀ Specifications

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Both fit any standard Luer Lock connection either to a syringe, the end of a general set, or a Luer Lock bag / container.

The SAL also has a patented locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection.

When connected to any other Chemfort® component, a “click” sound indicates a safe and closed connection. Upon disconnection, the self-sealing elastomers of the SA / SAL and the Chemfort® component they were connected to, prevent drug leakage and droplet formation on the outer septa surfaces. Thus enabling a dry disconnection.

A simple disconnection is achieved by pinching the SA / SAL’s wings.
The 16G needle allows easy withdrawal or transfer of liquid from a drug vial, from an IV bag / container, or through a set into a patient’s IV line. The protective cap allows clean delivery to the ward for bolus injections.

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European Sharps Directive Compliant

The SA / SAL’s patented self-retracing needle mechanism prevents needle-stick injuries. The needle emerges only after two components are clicked together. In the same manner, the needle retracts before the two components are disconnected simply by pinching the SA / SAL wings.
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When connected to the end of an IV set or syringe, the SA / SAL allows closed administration (while clicking to a Chemfort® Luer Lock Adaptor on the patient’s port) and safety for nurses.
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The SA / SAL connect to all Chemfort® components and allow easy and safe transfer of drugs from one container to another. Chemfort® keeps you safe at every stage from preparation to administration. Simplivia. When healthcare and simplicity click.