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Tevadaptor® is scientifically proven to provide safety when working with hazardous drugs, while protecting drug stability. Our studies are peer reviewed and acknowledged in leading journals and/or conferences.

Use of a Closed-system Drug Transfer Device Reduces Contamination with Doxorubicin During Bolus Injection

Tom Marler-Hausen, Chris Holt, Christine Headley and Paul Sessink
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Drug sterility is maintained in Luer Lock (LL) syringes fitted with Tevadaptor syringe adaptor lock (SAL) according to NHS yellow cover document (YCD) syringe integrity standards

Alan-Shaun Wilkinson, Michael Allwood, Aleksandra Slawinska, Andrew Johnson, Laima Ozolina. Marc Sutton, Navneet Bhogal, Kate Pegg
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Containment performance assessment of closed system drug transfer devices (CSTDs) using the NIOSH draft protocol and 2.5% w/v 1,1,3,3-tetraethylurea (TEU) in water as the challenge agent

Alan-Shaun Wilkinson, Michael Allwood, Aleksandra Slawinska, Andrew Wallace, Rebecca Finnis, Donata Stonkute, Maja Szramowska, Laima Lazdane...
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Reduction of Contamination with Antibiotics on Surfaces and in Environmental Air in Three European Hospitals Following Implementation of a Closed-System Drug Transfer Device

Paul J. M. Sessink, Tibor Nyulasi, Emmie L. M. Haraldsson andBranislava Rebic. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 2019, 1–9.
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Performance testing protocol for closed system transfer devices used during pharmacy compounding and administration of hazardous drugs

Wilkinson A-S, Allwood MC, Morris CP, Wallace A, Finnis R, Kaminska E, et al. (2018). PLoS ONE 13(10): e0205263.
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Understanding closed system transfer devices

Christine Clark, Symposium report,, 2017
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Responding to drug shortages and rising costs: IV chemotherapy drug use

Ákos Juhász, Gábor Batka & Attila Szűcs, Drugs Ther Perspect (2016) 32:170-176 DOI 10.1007/s40267-016-0285-6
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Assessment of the containment performance of closed system drug transfer devices (CSTDs) that either employ a mechanically closed physical barrier or air filtration technology – a Universal Test Protocol for assessment of all CSTD technologies

Alan-Shaun Wilkinson, Michael Allwood, Colin Morris, Andrew Wallace, Rebecca Finnis, Ewelina Kaminska, Donata Stonkute, Maja Szramowska, Joe...
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