Tevadaptor®’s patented Toxi-Guard® system, located in the Vial Adaptor, prevents the escape of cytotoxic and other hazardous drug vapors, aerosols and droplets into the environment during drug reconstitution, and prevents airborne contaminants and particles from entering the drug or fluid path. At the same time, Toxi-Guard® ensures smooth, effortless vial pressure equalization during use.
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Drug containment in the Tevadaptor® Vial Adaptor is accomplished by Toxi-Guard®’s patented double membrane air-cleaning technology: a 100% activated carbon drug binding matrix and a 0.2 μm hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane. This advanced technology also ensures that the Tevadaptor® air pathway allows only sterile air to enter the drug vial during drug reconstitution and preparation.
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Patented Double Membrane Air-cleaning Technology

Toxi-Guard®’s activated carbon matrix is highly efficient in adsorption of drug vapors and aerosols. At the same time, the 0.2 μm membrane is a sterile barrier more [...]

preventing microorganisms and particles from entering the system and, due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, preventing liquids from being released to the environment. Together, the two membranes serve as an effective, sterile particulate and toxic drug vapor barrier.

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Handling Made Safe

Toxi-Guard® is the heart of the Tevadaptor® closed system transfer device (CSTD). The incorporation of the Toxi-Guard® system within the Tevadaptor® Vial Adaptor ensures the efficacy of a complete portfolio of products for drug handling protocols.

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