Luer Lock Adaptor

The Tevadaptor® Luer Lock Adaptor converts any standard female luer lock port (e.g. patient access port) to a safe and closed Tevadaptor® connection.

The luer lock adaptor must be connected to the patient’s port. Once a Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock is connected to the Luer Lock Adaptor, the drug can be administered to the patient safely either by push (via syringe) or IV drip (via IV set).
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During attachment the “click” sound indicates a safe and secure connection. The self-sealing elastomers prevent antineoplastic and other hazardous drug leakage and droplet formation on the outer septa surfaces. A simple push on the wings of the Syringe Adaptor will disconnect them from the Luer Lock Adaptor.

In case of subcutaneous (SC) or intramuscular (IM) administration, it is possible to connect the Luer Lock Adaptor directly to the SC or IM needle.
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Fits Any Standard Female Luer Lock Connection

Converts a standard (open) female Luer Lock connection or a Luer Activated Valve to a closed Tevadaptor® connection. The Tevadaptor® Luer Lock Adaptor can also be used for the preparation of luer lock bags, elastomeric pumps and medication cassette reservoirs for an ambulatory infusion pump.

Enables Safe Drug Transfer

The Luer Lock Adaptor enables connection of any Tevadaptor® component to a standard female luer lock device. The Luer Lock Adaptor is part of a complete portfolio of products for any handling protocol. Tevadaptor® keeps you safe in a click at every stage from preparation to administration.

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