Infusion Set 180 cm

The Tevadaptor® Infusion Set 180 cm firmly connects between a standard IV bag or a polyethylene container and to any patient’s IV catheter via a luer lock connection.

A Safe and Secure Connection

A safe drug transfer from the syringe into the IV bag or container is installed through the infusion set 180cm’s closed connection with the Tevadaptor® Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock. During manipulation the “click” sound indicates a safe and secure connection between the 2 components.

Fits Any Standard IV Bag

The Tevadaptor® Infusion Set 180 cm enables safe transfer of any drug form to a patient’s IV catheter. The infusion set is part of a complete portfolio of products for drug handling protocols. Tevadaptor® keeps you safe in a click at every stage from preparation to administration.

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