Connecting Set

The Tevadaptor® Connecting Set connects between a standard IV bag or polyethylene bottle and any (gravity or pump) IV administration set with a proximal female luer lock connector. Saline priming of the bag or bottle and subsequent drug dilution is done simply.
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The Connecting Set side port allows safe drug transfer from a Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock to the IV bag or bottle. Upon attachment the “click” sound indicates a safe connection between the 2 components. Tevadaptor®’s self-sealing elastomers prevent cytotoxic and hazardous drug leakage and contamination.
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Simply Spike, Prime, Inject and Connect

The Tevadaptor® Connecting Set is designed to fit all commonly available bag or bottle types. Any standard IV container can be spiked with the Connecting Set and then primed. Drugs can then be added safely via a closed system, followed by connecting the end of the Connecting Set to a TevaTree Set or any other luer-end administration set. Simply spike, prime, inject and connect.

Fits Any Standard IV Bag

Tevadaptor®’s Connecting Set is used with the Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock to transfer drugs into an IV bag or bottle. The Connecting Set is part of a complete portfolio of products for any handling protocol. Additional Tevadaptor® options for drug transfer include the Spike Port Adaptor, Cyto IV Set and the Infusion Set 180cm. Tevadaptor® keeps you safe in a click at every stage from preparation to administration.

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