Catheter Adaptor

The Tevadaptor® Catheter Adaptor allows safe administration of cytotoxic and other hazardous drugs directly into a bladder
Catheter and converts an open catheter connection to a closed Tevadaptor® connection.

After inserting the patient’s catheter, the Catheter Adaptor is connected to it. A drug preparation in an IV set or a syringe can then be connected to the distal end of the Catheter Adaptor via a Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock for safe administration.

Fits Standard Bladder Catheters

The Tevadaptor® Catheter Adaptor enables safe administration of hazardous drugs directly into a bladder catheter. It reduces the risk of handling antineoplastic and biological drugs.

For Safe Bladder Instillation

The Catheter Adaptor connects between the Syringe Adaptor or the Syringe Adaptor Lock and the patient’s foley catheter. This makes the Catheter Adaptor part of a complete portfolio of products for any protocol. Tevadaptor® keeps you safe in a click at every stage from preparation to administration.

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