Infusion Set 180 cm

The Tevadaptor® Infusion Set 180 cm firmly connects between a standard IV bag or a polyethylene container and to any patient’s IV catheter via a luer lock connection.

A safe drug transfer from the syringe into the IV bag or container is installed through the infusion set 180cm’s closed connection with the Tevadaptor® Syringe Adaptor / Syringe Adaptor Lock. During manipulation the “click” sound indicates a safe and secure connection between the 2 components.

Smart 2-way Spike for Optimal Patient Safety

The Tevadaptor® Infusion Set 180 cm separate “fluid-in path” ensures that the injected concentrated drug solution will flow into the bag or bottle for dilution and not into the tubing. After appropriate dilution, the drug is then safely administered through the infusion set’s “fluid-out path” into the tubing. This smart “2-way spike” helps ensure safe drug handling and protects against admixture accidents which can be life-threatening for the patient.

Fits Any Standard IV Bag

The Tevadaptor® Infusion Set 180 cm enables safe transfer of any drug form to a patient’s IV catheter. The infusion set is part of a complete portfolio of products for drug handling protocols. Tevadaptor® keeps you safe in a click at every stage from preparation to administration.