Vented IV Administration (Giving) Set for Paclitaxel with and without Injection Site

The vented IV administration sets offer customized sets for administration of Paclitaxel or other viscous drugs or drugs that require in-line filtering. The vented IV administration set for Paclitaxel with 0.2 micron filter and vented spike allows comfortable and simple Paclitaxel administration via a luer lock connection.

This set replaces the need for an external filter and a separate IV administration set. The Paclitaxel general infusion sets provide luer lock access points to the patient’s IV port. The Paclitaxel sets have an option for an additional needleless injection site.

Paclitaxel Family of Sets

The Paclitaxel family of sets are infusion sets with a 0.2 micron filter for the administration of cytotoxic drugs requiring an in-line filter.

General IV Sets

For a closed drug administration, connect a Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor / Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor Lock to the end of a vented IV administration set and a Chemfort™ Luer Lock Adaptor to the patient’s port.

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